Gallery: A look at the Aeroscreen's track debut at Indianapolis

With the NTT IndyCar Series over for another season, work has already begun on the 2020 campaign. 

Drivers Will Power and Scott Dixon took to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Wednesday to give the Aeroscreen its track debut.

The device is set to be on all of the cars from next season onwards, so Dixon and Power put the screen through its paces.

Motorsport Week has put together a gallery of the day's historic occasion.

Power and Dixon began the day with a photoshoot
The Team Penske crew prepare Power's car for the day ahead
A look into Dixon's cockpit with the aeroscreen attached.
Power admits getting in and out of the car will take some adjusting with the aeroscreen
Dixon agreed with Power the aeroscreen is ready to race already with some minor adjustments
Side on shot of the aeroscreen on Power's Penske
Dixon streaks across the famous yard of bricks
An intimate look inside Power's cockpit 
Dixon peers out of his car through the aersocreen as he prepares for another run
The drivers discuss the day's test with the media alongside IndyCar President Jay Frye and Andy Damerum from Red Bull Advanced Technologies