Tech bite: Ferrari introduces new front-wing in France

Ferrari SF90 front-wing element

Ferrari has introduced a front-wing upgrade for this weekend's French Grand Prix, as it seeks to cut its deficit to the dominant Mercedes team.

The Italian outfit is one of a handful to have followed the 'outwash' development path – Mercedes meanwhile has a more traditional front-wing – which means the team are trying to force outer airflow around the front tyre by running a shallow front-wing.

The old-spec wing (below) features a deeper curve where the front elements are positioned low before rising up closer to the tyre. The endplate is also straight, which creates a narrower channel for the airflow to escape.

Old: Canada-spec front-wing with deeper dip and straight endplates

The new front-wing (below), is a more extreme concept following the same philosophy. It features a much shallower curve, with the last two elements lowered significantly. The endplate now features a small cut-out, opening up the gap between the wing and tyre, allowing for more airflow to escape.

Ferrari are aiming to push more air around the front-tyre, which can then be channeled through the sidepod and floor to create greater rear downforce.

New: France-spec front-wing upgrade with shallower dip and endplate cutout

Team boss Mattia Binotto admitted the changes won't be a quick solution to their problems, but may offer a long-term answer.

“In France we will have a few small evolutions, elements that represent for us a useful step in defining the direction we will take in developing the car.

“What we will be bringing won’t be the solution to our problems, but the technical feedback we get from these evolutions will be important for the next steps we take."